The courses are best for students age 12 to adult; however, accommodations may be made for gifted and/or mature students. It is recommended that students under the age of 11 be accompanied by parents for parent-child learning.

The reasons why people lack any skills is that they have often made up their minds that they are not good from just a few attempts. To reach the drawing skills that we see all around us requires a constant determination, practice and a belief that we can do it. Without that, we will always be stuck. In our course, the teachers will guide through various methods in detail with illustrations. We suggest that you may take our Free Trial Class and see if it helps to rebuild your confidence in drawing. Drawing is a skill that is years and hours of practice but it is never too late to learn and you may be surprised of the potential you may find if you pursue it often. Nothing is impossible but it does take work.

The teachers speak in Japanese, and all the video lessons are embedded with Japanese, Chinese and English subtitles.

mangAnime has set up a private learning group on Facebook for students to share works and learning experience. You may post your questions in that page any time when you encounter difficulties in learning. We have designated staff work closely with the teachers and the school in order to provide help for the students, including translations. Also, different teachers will be invited to share drawing tips and success stories on the page from time to time.

 One-off payment, no additional fees is needed.

There is no time restriction at all, and classes (videos) can be attended at any time according to your personal arrangements. It is recommended to complete the Certificate Course within six months to one year.

Drawing with pencil focuses on the practice of skills and techniques, which is the basis of drawing. Once you learn the basics well, all you need to learn on the digital device is just the software usage.

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