amps Manga & Anime School, Tokyo (アンプス)

A designated manga & anime school located in Nakano District, Tokyo, Japan and has been established for 10 years. The school has so far trained up more than 10,000 students to make their debuts. Most of the students are engaged in mang, animation, game production and operation as well as advertising and design industries. It continuously helps in cultivating talents for the Japanese manga & anime industry. (More about amps -

In 2019, amps and Hatsuhi Banjiya established mangAnime Ohisama Juku. It introduces Online Drawing Courses to Manga & Anime fans all over the world who can learn on the platform without any time, location and schedule restriction. Through the online courses, everyone could learn from the basic knowledge to the advanced skills from amps experienced and professional lecturers.

Hatsuhi Banjiya

 Established in Yokohama, Japan in 2018. It provides tailor-made itineraries for clients who want to experience the unique traditional culture of Japan, including Manga & Anime Study Tours, cultural exchange programs or experience activities, etc.

Mr Kimiharu Obata - Animator (Representative of Pioneer Production, the Animation Studio of amps)

Lecturer (Director of amps Animation Department)

Obata-sensei was selected from 500 people and being able to join and work at Carpenter, the studio established by Toei Animation, which made his first step as an animator at early age. He began his teaching career at a professional school at around 30 years old and has been actively training talents for the industry so far. The number of students has far exceeded 3,000. People in Japanese animation companies are almost the students taught by Obata-sensei. Among them, there are many talents who lead the Japanese animation industry, such as directors, chief directors, and character design professionals.

In addition, Obata-sensei, as an animation expert, has contributed many work pieces in magazines and books, and has also worked as a lecturer for animator lectures on BS TV Station and an animation award judge for the International Animation Exhibition for 8 consecutive years. He has been actively involved in various seminars and lectures.

Obata-sensei involved in a large number of animations such as "Sailor Moon", "One Piece", "Detective Conan", "Doraemon", "Naruto", etc. as Key-Animator and/ or Chief Director. His first animation was "The Galaxy Express 999", a very well-known anime in Japan. His extensive experience is a rare first-line expert in the industry.

Ms Kaori Asai - Manga Artist, Illustrator, amps Lecturer

After graduating from high school, Asai-sensei has been working in the manga industry for 29 years. Before focusing in the manga works, she had also worked as an animator for two years and is remarkably familiar with animation. She learned the skills from さとふふみや sensei, a famous manga artist and has been drawing for “The Kindaichi Case Files” for many years. She also serialized her work on a Japanese weekly manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Magazine” with many short manga series in "I've seen you like this!" section. Representative works include "名探偵三毛貓ホームズ" (Original: 赤川次郎), "豪腕な彼女", etc. In addition to manga, Asai-sensei is a first-line manga artist who has published illustrations and short manga in various magazines and brochures.

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