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Online Certificate Drawing Course

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Through the cooperation between amps Manga & Anime School in Tokyo, and Hatsuhi Banjiya, a 2-year offline course was successfully transformed into an online course. Aim at bringing the best and the most affordable online course for those who are passionate about drawing and are seeking to turn the passion into profession or wants to learn from Professional Japanese Animators and Manga Artists.

Mr Kimiharu Obata - Animator, amps Lecturer (Representative of Pioneer Production, the Animation Studio of amps)

Obata-sensei was selected from 500 people and being able to join and work at Carpenter, the studio established by Toei Animation, which made his first step as an animator at early age. He began his teaching career at a professional school at around 30 years old and has been actively training talents for the industry so far. The number of students has far exceeded 3,000. People in Japanese animation companies are almost the students taught by Obata-sensei. Among them, there are many talents who lead the Japanese animation industry, such as directors, chief directors, and character design professionals.

In addition, Obata-sensei, as an animation expert, has contributed many work pieces in magazines and books, and has also worked as a lecturer for animator lectures on BS TV Station and an animation award judge for the International Animation Exhibition for 8 consecutive years. He has been actively involved in various seminars and lectures.

Obata-sensei involved in a large number of animations such as "Sailor Moon", "One Piece", "Detective Conan", "Doraemon", "Naruto", etc. as Key-Animator and/ or Chief Director. His first animation was "The Galaxy Express 999", a very well-known anime in Japan. His extensive experience is a rare first-line expert in the industry.

Ms Kaori Asai - Manga Artist, Illustrator, amps Lecturer

After graduating from high school, Asai-sensei has been working in the manga industry for 29 years. Before focusing in the manga works, she had also worked as an animator for two years and is remarkably familiar with animation. She learned the skills from さとふふみや sensei, a famous manga artist and has been drawing for “The Kindaichi Case Files” for many years. She also serialized her work on a Japanese weekly manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Magazine” with many short manga series in "I've seen you like this!" section. Representative works include "名探偵三毛貓ホームズ" (Original: 赤川次郎), "豪腕な彼女", etc. In addition to manga, Asai-sensei is a first-line manga artist who has published illustrations and short manga in various magazines and brochures.

The Certificate Course includes Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Applied Classes.

  • Beginner Classes - Basic skills such as face, body, limbs drawing methods.
  • Intermediate Classes - Facial features, hair, facial expression and scene design
  • Advanced Classes - Clothing, Character Design, Posture, Composition and Storyboard skills
  • Applied Classes - Emotion expression, high-level posture, interaction between people.

Beginner Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

Applied Class

Our skills-oriented course will guide you through the fundamentals of drawing and build upon each other.

Beginner Class

Focus on building fundamental drawing skills. You will learn basic techniques such as head drawing, facial features, body movements, etc., and be able to draw portraits and basic movements of character.

Intermediate Class

Aim at building on the skills learned in Beginner Class to a further extent. The all-round techniques about emotional facial expression, hair style, scene and background production which allows you to be able to create and express a story.

Advanced Class

The classes will guide you through clothing, character design, posture, composition techniques and perspective methods to create a storyboard. You will be able to create a picture which tells the story itself.

Applied Class

Applied Classes focus on different concepts such as the representation of different emotions, more complex postures, high-level perspective, landscape drawing as well as cute-version drawing. These classes are designed to take your drawing to the next level and help you develop your ability to capture structure, value and form in your drawing.

mangAnime students may rasie questions and submit works directly through mangAnime Facebook Page. Teachers will reply and explain in person via video. Videos show how the teachers made comments, guidance, revision to the drawings submitted by students. It is an all-round learning method to improve your own skills. Videos will be consolidated in the newly added Battlefield Class and are only offered to students who joined mangAnime Online Drawing Certificate Course.

When you completed a certain course level, you can submit your work for the teacher to review. After passing the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which help demonstrate your accomplishments.

When you have obtained all levels of certificates, you may be recommended to amps manga & anime school in Tokyo for further study. After completing the course there, you will be provided with various employment support in the related industry which might help you to take an important step in starting a career.

mangAnime's designated learning platform that allows you,

  • learn anytime and anywhere without any restrictions such as region, time, environmental factors such as weather, infectious diseases, etc.
  • learn at your own pace according to your ability and schedule.
  • get unlimited access to the video lessons.
  • learn without language barriers as all video lessons are embedded with Japanese, Chinese and English subtitles.
  • raise questions and submit works directly on the learning support platform, and the teachers will reply and explain in person.

Works from Students


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