Welcome to mangAnime! You can have better understanding of our course by experiencing through our Free Trial Course. Our teachers’ all-round and theme-focused teaching with detailed step-by-step instructions makes it easier for everyone to learn the drawing techniques and skills.

We hope you will enjoy the experience and learn some drawing skills from the Professional Japanese Animator and Manga Artists through our dedicated online teaching methods and platform.


Face Drawing

Through this free class, you can learn how to draw 3/4 side view with right proportions.

In addition to the face drawing techniques from different angles, the Beginner Course also focus on the basic techniques such as head drawing, facial features, body movements, etc.

After completing the full Beginner Course, you may master the basics and skills of drawing a human body.

Perspective Method

Whether you want to become a Manga Artist, Illustrator or Animator, Perspective Drawing is a Must-learn skill. When you learned the technique of perspective drawing, you can effectively and accurately express your works regardless of the background, characters, and object ratios.

Apart from learning the skills of basic perspective drawing through this free class, you can also experience how Obata-sensei teaches the skills with detailed step-by-step instructions, making it easier for you to learn the techniques.

In the Intermediate Course, you may also learn emotional facial expressions of the character, hair drawing skills, and methods and calculations involved for the production of the scene, background in order to combine different factors such as characters and scenes and produce a more complex content.

Posture Drawing

To make anime or manga characters come alive, it is necessary to show different character dynamics, and the posture expression is the key.

Through this free course content, you can learn the basic posture drawing skills. In the advanced course, there will be a more in-depth explanation of the texture performance of different clothing materials, the scene composition and character design techniques.

When completing the advanced course, you can create story-telling works more effectively, presenting the content of the conceptual works perfectly, and make the drawing tell the story itself.

Cute-Version (Chibi) Drawing

Drawing a Cute-version character seems easy, but it requires strict and detail proportions. In the free class, Asai-sensei will share with you how to draw cute-version characters vividly.

In addition to the Cute-version drawing method, the Applied Course also includes representation of different emotions, more complex postures, high-level perspective, landscape drawing.

When you are proficient in applying the content of the Applied Course, you have mastered the techniques and methods of being a Manga Artist, Animator and Illustrator.

Student works submission Q&A

The Battlefield Class is to learn from others. The teacher will guide, comment and optimize the works submitted by the students. Through the teacher’s guidance on the works, everyone may learn from practice and mistakes.



現在只需USD390,約HKD2900 (原價USD780) 即可報讀mangAnime線上繪畫創作證書課程,點擊以下連結就可以馬上開始你的學習之旅!(名額只限20名,特惠價錢完結後會原價發售)             

Certificate Drawing Course

Now, you can subscribe to the Online Certificate Drawing Course for only USD390 (original price USD780). Click the link below to begin your journey with us! (The quota is limited to 20 subscribers; it will be resumed to original price when quotas met.)             

Themed Course

Based on the content of the Certificate Drawing Course, five courses are categorized by different themes. Learn these professional skills according to your needs at a better price! !

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