Welcome to mangAnime! You can have better understanding of our course by experiencing through our Free Trial Course. Our teachers’ all-round and theme-focused teaching with detailed step-by-step instructions makes it easier for everyone to learn the drawing techniques and skills.

We hope you will enjoy the experience and learn some drawing skills from the Professional Japanese Animator and Manga Artists through our dedicated online teaching methods and platform.

Please also learn more about our certificate courses by clicking the button below.

The following Free Trial lessons included contents of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Applied Classes.

You may find the content of the Advanced or/ and Applied classes are a bit difficult to manage; it depends on your experience. Please do not worry! Our entire Online Certificate Drawing Course is designed to guide everyone from the basic to advanced skills and techniques. As long as you follow through step by step according to our curriculum design plus self-practice, you will definitely be able to manage the skills and techniques and be able to apply to your drawing arbitrarily.

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